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Specialists in window protection for cats

Our Objetive

Offer a comfortable and efficient solution in terms of special protections for cats.
Guarantee the physical and emotional well-being of the cat, minimizing the risk of harmful behaviors such as the parachute cat syndrome.
Make the most of the available space within the home by offering high-quality protection nets.
Turn the environment into a pleasant and enriching territory for the cat.

With all this generating a positive climate for both the animal and you.

Our Universal Kit of protection nets for cats in all types of windows covers from top to bottom one of the leaves of any type of window, whether sliding or with leaves with a handle that open inwards (both PVC and metal) and is able to withstand the biggest and most destructive cats.

This patented cat net system without the need for works, can be put on and taken off in less than a minute since it uses the upper and lower profiles of the window itself for its placement, allowing to take advantage of all the light. Resistant, safe and aesthetic.

We offer you the easiest system to put on that you will find on the market, which is designed and developed so that you can put it on or take it off in 10sg.
No holes or works or hassles, cat nets without drill. That is, just assemble and place.
You put it on and take it off whenever you want.

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